Why "Coulee Region Green?"

Green is for growth. Life in the real world grows, or it ends. Human beings grow. Animals grow, plants grow. The planet itself, though, doesn't live, and it doesn't grow. It revolves life evolves on it. Any organism, or person, or family, or community that focuses on "sustainability" instead of growth is already focussed merely on preparing for death, not for the enrichment of life. Only the speed and pain of the dying are in question.

We're currently seeing the orchestrated deconstruction of the most human-friendly culture in history. America as an earth-worshipping communist state (the inevitable result of implementing the progressive vision) would be as hostile to humanity as would be our transformation to an Islamic state: only the names of the gods and the tools of their tyranny would differ.

Why worry now?

Our nation has gone too far down the path toward insolvency and communism to pretend that we simply need a minor course correction to right the ship of state. Our free republic cannot long survive the bureaucratic government apparatus that every day grows toward totalitarian control over America's people. We need Americans to turn from the empty promises of secular humanism that energize our arrogant elite and re-dedicate ourselves to human liberty.

This time around, it's not enough to simply assert the bumper-sticker wisdom of "Get US out of the UN!" or "End the EPA!" We have to also define the implementation strategies and create management plans ahead of time, so we can accomplish these remedial ends not simply in ways adherent to the Constitution, but also with the continual support of the American people, in recognition of the individual value of every human being, and with the good will Americans historically show to people affected by significant change. Let's remember the counsel of President Lincoln in his second inaugural address: "With malice toward none, with charity for all..."

What has to change in America?

(This list is coming soon)

(But obviously not very soon)